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Soup with spinach dumplings ~ ‘ kadhi pakodi’

kadhi pakodi

A kadhi that hails from either Maharashtra, Gujarat or Punjab. It is one of my favourite starters and can be served with or without the dumplings. .

Go to step-by-step kadhi pakodi (soup with spinach dumplings) recipe

coconut ishtew

coconut ishtew

This coconut vegetable ishtew is from Kereela

Go to step-by-step coconut ishtew recipe

The ultimate opera on a plate! ~ ‘palak paneer’

Palak paneer

Palak paneer is made in three distinct steps. First we make the purée of spinach, second we make the paneer itself, and finally we make the sauce and marry the spinach and the paneer.

Go to step-by-step palak paneer (fetta) recipe

bharleli vangi ~ ‘stuffed eggplant’

bharleli vangi

This eggplant (aubergine) dish hails from the coastal region of Maharashtra in Western India.

Go to step-by-step stuffed eggplant (aubergine)recipe

vegetarian garam masala

vegetarian garam masala

This vegetarian spice mix is perfect for vegetarian dishes.

Go to step-by-step vegetarian garam masala recipe


Masala dosai

This savoury filled pancake, I believe, is the national dish of India and is cherished by both the rich and the poor equally

Go to step-by-step dosai recipe

Dal Palak

Dal Palak

Slow-cooked mung lentils or moong dal, with chopped, or puréed, spinach, tempered with black mustard seeds and kari leaf.I will serve this dal palak with plain boiled rice.As I can’t help myself, and so that it looks good, it will be served on a banana leaf.

Go to step-by-step dal palak recipe

matki chi usal

Matki chi usal

Sprouted mung beans as cooked by my mum.

Go to step-by-step matki chi usal recipe

vegetable pulao

This is vegetable rice.

Go to single page vegetable pulao recipe

zeera aloo

This is potatoes with cumin.

Go to single page zeera aloo recipe

beans poriyal

This is beans with mustard and coconut.

Go to single page beans poriyal recipe


This is lentil gravy.

Go to single page sambhar recipe

punjabi lobhia

This is black eyed beans.

Go to single page punjabi lobhia

masurchi amti

This is red lentil dal.

Go to single page masurchi amti recipe

poondu rasam

This is garlic and pepper lentil soup.

Go to single page poondu rasam recipe

vegetable nilgiri khurma

Go to single page vegetable nilgiri khurma recipe

mirchi ka salan

Go to single page mirchi ka salan recipe

spiced yoghurt cauliflower florets

This is vegetable rice.

Go to single page spiced yoghurt cauliflower florets recipe

dal makhani

Go to single page dal makhani recipe

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  1. hi chef. can u please give me a perfect naan recipe. i have tried many but none of them are satisfactory.

    • Hello Femina, thanks for your comment.
      here is what we do in my restaurant (if we do not have the ‘whey’ from the paneer)
      1 kg plain flour
      400 ml milk
      200 ml water at room temp
      25 gms baking soda
      15 gms sugar
      5 gms salt
      40 ml vege oil
      mix the milk water salt sugar and baking powder in a mixing bowl.
      sift flour and graduakky add the prepared mixture to the flour.
      knead the flour and incorporate the liquids into the flour to form a smooth dough. knead well till the dough leaves the palm.
      cover the dough and keep aside to rest.
      depress the dough with a finger and see if it bounces back.
      If so, give the dougha knock back with the oil. turn the dough into equal balls. flatten and cook in the tandoor.

      Happy Cooking!!

  2. bless u chef for all your wonderful recipes. i have posted your website to all my family and friends and we have already started making your recipes. please do share more recipes with us. thank you very much for your generosity and kindness by sharing recipes .


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