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chicken recipes

murgh kali mirch

murgh kali mirch

This is a Hyderabadi-style pepper chicken dish.

Go to step-by-step machchi ka recipe

dum ka murgh

dum ka murgh

This is a Hyderabadi-style chicken confit dish cooked in its own juices without the addition of any water.

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ginger chicken

Go to single page ginger chicken recipe

murgh kali mirch

Go to single page black pepper chicken recipe

murgh hara masala

This is chicken and green herbs.

Go to single page murgh hara masala recipe

palak murgh

This is chicken and spinach.

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chicken pulao andhra style

Go to single page chicken pulao andhra style recipe

kadhai murgh

This is spiced chicken with cumin, chilli and pepper.

Go to single page kadhai murgh recipe

dum ke kebab

This is smoked chicken mince kebabs.

Go to single page dum ke kebab recipe

chicken mangalore

This is chicken in a spiced coconut sauce.

Go to single page chicken mangalore recipe

fresh curry leaf chilli chicken

Go to single page fresh curry leaf chilli chicken recipe

hyderabadi murgh korma

This is chicken korma.

Go to single page hyderabadi murgh korma recipe

bharuchi murghi

This is parsi coconut chilli chicken.

Go to single page bharuchi murghi recipe

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  1. Hi Thoughtsfromajoy,
    Speaking of which, Every last day we have to eat. The age outdated concern that haunts moms “what’s for supper” can trigger panic. You should not permit it. Arm by yourself with procedures to develop really easy chicken recipes for supper. Continually be geared up, and get swift quick dinners on the table.
    Good Job!

  2. Hello πŸ™‚ i tried your dum ka murgh it was nothing like ive ever eaten before πŸ™‚ special request…is it possible for you to post some authentic chennai style grilled chicken.. i miss chennai since am out of the country.. it would really be nice if i can get hold of the recipe πŸ™‚ thankyou in advance…


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