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spinach & coconut raita

Go to single page spinach & coconut raita recipe

meethi lassi

This is a sweet lassi.

Go to single page meethi lassi recipe

masala lassi

This is a salty lassi.

Go to single page masala lassi recipe

aam ka murabba

This is a mango chutney.

Go to single page aam ka murabba recipe

mango pickle southern style

Go to single page mango pickle southern style recipe

date and tamarind chutney

Go to single page date and tamarind chutney recipe

pudine ki chatni

This is a mint chatni.

Go to single page pudine ki chatni recipe

fresh coconut chutney

Go to single page fresh coconut chutney recipe

pudine ki chatni

This is a mint chatni.

Go to single page pudine ki chatni recipe

sambhar masala

This is ideal for sambhar.

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kadhai masala

This is ideal for chicken.

Go to single page kadhai masala recipe

balchao masala

This is ideal for eggplant and seafood.

Go to single page balchao masala recipe

salan masala

This is ideal for lamb, chicken, beef and goat.

Go to single page salan masala recipe

panch phoron

This is ideal for lentils and fish.

Go to single page panch phoron recipe

coriander & mint chatni

This is ideal for any kebab.

Go to single page coriander & mint chatni

mint raita

This is ideal for hot dishes and thalis.

Go to single page mint raita recipe

coondapour masala

ideal for chicken and duck

Go to single page coondapour masala recipe

bharuchi garam masala

This is ideal for poultry and white meat.

Go to single page bharuchi garam masala recipe

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  1. Hi Ajoy, my father and uncle *really* like your lemon pickle but you’ve not had any in stock for ages. Would it be possible to publish the recipe on your blog please so I can endeavour to make him some? Many thanks, Catherine

    • Hello Catherine,
      Great to hear from you.
      We still make our lemon pickles for the restaurant but don’t bottle it anymore as there isn’t much demand for it.
      However, will send you the recipe by Monday.
      Hope that is ok.

      Happy cooking!!

  2. Fantastic! Thank you so much, Ajoy. You’ve made two old men very happy :O) Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Ajoy,
    I was in your restaurant last month and absolutely loved your lamb starters, biryani and lehsun chutney you served with it… Since then I have been looking for those recipes to try it myself for my husband( he loved it) but nothing could match the taste of your dishes… Please please please share your lehsun chutney recipe and others too if possible..

  4. Arijita Modak

    Hi, thanks for sharing your recipes. I always search for authentic recipes, and you really share some of those. Just one suggestion for panchphoron, it consists of 5 seeds- Celery seeds, Fennel, Methi seeds, cumin seeds and chilli seeds. Panch phoron consists of no Mustard seeds and celery must be added to get the exact taste and smell.

  5. Hi Ajoy I really enjoy making your recipes. You have a great way of making things simple so even a new cook won’t feel daunted. Would you have a good recipe for a typical Punjabi Chana Masala. I’ve been dying to make one at home that tastes like the street food in Delhi – the Chana from the Chana Bhatura stalls ?? Would appreciate if you could post one please. Thanks Ajoy


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