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Ajoy’s cookbooks

‘Indian Home Cooking’ presents a collection of authentic, yet easy-to-prepare dishes from all regions of the country – from tasty appetizers and snacks to vegetarian entrées to traditional chicken and lamb dishes. A classic edition.

Indian Home Cooking

Indian Home Cooking

Ajoy is one of ten masterchefs worldwide to be invited to contribute recipes to the first comprehensive guide to Indian cooking, with over 1,000 recipes covering every aspect of India’s rich and colourful culinary heritage. Click here to read a review of this book.

India Cookbook

India Cook Book

From a basic spice mix to a crisp and light dosai from Southern India, there is something for everyone in this book. With beautiful photographs, easy-to-follow recipes from all over India, ‘Ajoy Joshi’s Favourite Recipes’ is the perfect cookery book.

Ajoy Joshi's Favourite Recipes

Ajoy Joshi's Favourite Recipes

‘Regional Indian Cooking’ celebrates the food of the five main regions of India, each with its own distinctive geography, produce and lifestyle. Keeping to a philosophy of balance and the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Ajoy Joshi makes it easy for cooks of all abilities.

Regional Indian Cooking

Regional Indian Cooking

Australia’s greatest weight-loss system, Bodytrim, partnered with Ajoy Joshi to deliver a series of impressive-yet-simple recipes in ‘Indian 4 Weightloss’ that can be used at the most exquisite of dinner parties or a simple mid-week dinner.

Indian 4weightloss recipes

Indian 4weightloss recipes

To buy any one of these cookbooks, click Ajoy’s cookbooks.

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  2. where can I buy a copy of Ajoy joshi cook books here in UK From Virginia

  3. execellent cooking liked very much, will definately try. thanks

  4. Ajoy, your books are so worn out I have to use my own imagination now, your unique blends of spices have inspired me to create and generate some fabulous masalas. If you ever open up in Melbourne please let me know.
    Thanks and look forward to the next instalment from your hardback student

  5. Hai Ajay,
    I’m Taubah Salim from Bandung Indonesia…
    I love you blog and your classic recipe… Where could I get you book?
    thx alot

  6. Hi Ajoy, my wife and i attended one of your cooking classes many years ago and still speak very fondly of that experience. However, we have since then moved back to South Africa and I was hoping to buy 2 of your books for our upcoming wedding anniversary (India Cookbook and Ajoy’s favourite recipes). Is there a platform i can use to purchase these books for delivery in South Africa? Alternatively, could I pay you/Nilgiris directly for the books and courier costs to South Africa? Thanks, Andre


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