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goat recipes

rogan josh recipe

rogan josh

A Kashmiri ‘classic’, rogan josh recipe.

Go to step-by-step rogan josh recipe

Hyderabadi goat biryani

Hyderabadi goat biryani

This is a delicious goat and rice dish from Hyderabad.

Go to step-by-step Hyderabadi biryani recipe

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  1. Hi Ajoy,
    I live in the UK, Goat is hard to come by so used Lamb, It was the best Rogan Josh that I’ve made to date, so thanks for the recipe. I love Kashmiri food, Looking at some recipes online there is a Kashmimi Basar Mix/Powder that is used but I can’t find a recipe for it, Do you have said recipe or something close that will give me the taste of Kashmiri? Anyway keep up the good work It’s much appreciated,


  2. Well, it look’s like i came to the wrong place for some help,
    Everyone’s left the building.

    • Hi Les,
      Apology for the delay in getting back.
      I have a great recipe for a ‘Kashmiri’ spice mix which is easy to use and ‘make’. Will send it to you by the weekend.
      Until then happy cooking !!

  3. Thanks Chef Ajoy,
    Lookjng forward to the recipe,
    Sorry for the delay, but could not log in without regestering again, hence the change in name


  4. Chef Ajoy
    Have you forggoten my mix powder recipe???

  5. Could you post this kashmiri spice mix recipe please

  6. I fear Chef Ajoy has forgotten.

  7. Hope you are OK Ajoy. I see that you haven’t posted since the 13th of Feb.


    • Hi Mate,
      Thanks for the concern.
      Business was down and had to spend my time and energies on getting it back on track.
      Will start blogging when the going is good!!
      Until then happy cooking!!

      Anah daata sukhi bhava!!

  8. G’day Chef,
    Glad your OK, I can wait for the recipe, Just get that business of yours back up and running smooth,
    Carry on Currying



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